Canada Post celebrates Maple Leafs’ legacy.

We hurries to let our readers know that Canada Post unveiled two kinds of coil stamps along with a special fabric souvenir sheet to honour Maple Leafs’ storied history as enduring Canadian icon.

This is the first time when Canada Post has adhered a miniature fabric crest to a stamp. It makes this philatelic issue that marks 100th anniversary of the Toronto Maple Leafs very attractive in the eyes of stamp collectors.

We would also like to remind you that Canada Post has recently issued History of Hockey stamps and NHL final stamps that can be interesting for hockey fans as well as for stamp collectors.

The Maple Leafs is a Canadian hockey icon and one of only four teams that officially formed the NHL. It is also an Original Six franchise that played in what some consider to be the golden era of hockey. Altogether, the team has more inductees in the players’ category of the Hockey Hall of Fame than any other Original Six team.

The philatelic issue recently introduced by Canada Post includes both a booklet of 10 new silver logo stamps and a coil of 50 puck-shaped stamps in the Maple Leafs’ shade of blue. The “star” of this release is a special fabric crest stamp that is only available as a commemorative souvenir sheet. The stamp features the sweater worn by Maple Leafs captain Ted “Teeder” Kennedy during the 1949-50 NHL season, with the Maple Leafs crest in fabric.

“The Toronto Maple Leafs are a part of the fabric that ties this country together with some of the most passionate fans in hockey,” said Deepak Chopra, Canada Post’s president and chief executive officer, in announcing the stamp issue. “It is therefore an honor to celebrate the incredible legacy of this Original Six team through Canada Post's iconic stamp program.”

We invite you to score this legendary stamp issue to your stamp collection!


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